Server Racks

Made with perforated front and rear doors for organic air flow

BOSCOM’s range of server racks with perforated doors and vented side panels provide organic airflow through your active equipment such as UPS devices, switches or backup systems. Ideal for applications where temperature control is essential.

And we’ll deliver to you fully assembled!

Shop below our range of server racks with varied heights, widths and depths.

Available rack units by width and depth

x600mm Wide by 600mm Deep: 27RU, 42RU
x600mm Wide by x800mm Deep: 18RU, 27RU, 42RU, 45RU
x600mm Wide by x1000mm Deep: 27RU, 37RU, 42RU
x800mm Wide by 900mm Deep: 42RU
x800mm Wide by x1000mm Deep: 45RU

Considered how you’re going to organise your active equipment?

Buy our 2RU DIN Rail to clip your products inside your server rack. We also sell FOBOT’s (fibre optic breakout tray), media converters too!

Prefer to have a data cabinet with a toughened and reversible front door?

We have free standing data cabinets with those specifications.

Server Racks

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